Riva Rama


Riva Rama

Model Speedboat
Dimensions: 91 L x 27 W x 27 H cm

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Riva Rama – Model Speedboat

Craftsmanship, design and unmatchable quality have been the hallmarks of Riva since the company’s founding in 1842 in Sarnico, Italy, one of Italy’s great boat-building centers. It’s there that Pietro Riva built his first “Riva,” known for quality craftsmanship and performance ahead of its time. By the 1930s, the business was managed by Pietro’s grandson, Serafino, under whose guidance the company became known for manufacturing small racing boats, which Serafino himself raced.

Not content to remain in this niche, the Riva family increased its line to include boats built as much for pleasure as for speed. By the 1950s, the Riva name, under the leadership of Pietro’s grandson, Carlo, Riva became a symbol of quality, elegance, speed and, most notably, wealth. As a result, Riva gained worldwide fame as the luxury boat of choice for kings and queens, matinee idols, corporate titans, entrepreneurs and jet-setters worldwide.